Wedding 2020 dates

A Date To Remember 02/20/2020

Because 02/20/2020 is such a magical and memorable date showcasing the number 2 and the 2 of you, Royal Wedding Chapel is throwing a huge party!

You’re invited to join the fun and make everlasting memories! 02/20/2020 is a date to remember! One of the most unique to come along in hundreds of years! There’s the two of you and so many 2’s in this date, that we want to help you memorialize it forever. Whether you’d like to tie the knot, renew your vows, or show your love in a commitment ceremony, this date is the time to do it.

On February 20th, 2020, we offer you and everyone, no matter your walk in life, an opportunity to participate in a mass nuptial extravaganza! And you’ll be sharing your caring because proceeds go to help our partners and friends at Best Buddies of Nevada, a most worthy charity dedicated to benefiting physically and mentally challenged women, children, and men. Best Buddies teams people together in one-to-one relationships to help those who are struggling find friendships, achieve employment, and experience enriched and successful lives.

In addition to ceremonies, there’s a full-on party happening inside the The Royal Show Room downtown at Royal Wedding Chapel! You’ll be accommodated with a fully stocked bar and a world class restaurant to make this YOUR SPECIAL DAY in every way!

Whether you want to take the plunge, renew your vows, or celebrate your union in a commitment ceremony – this is the day to do it! You and your unforgettable partner deserve an unforgettable anniversary date. What a wonderful post-Valentines gift to give and it’s ALL FOR CHARITY!!

Wedding Ceremony

Join in lawful wedded bliss on a most memorable wedding date — 02/20/2020. Participate in a full ceremony performed by a licensed officiant in our elegant Royal Showroom.


Commitment Ceremony

A commitment ceremony is very similar to a wedding ceremony. The only real difference is that marriage is legally binding while a commitment ceremony is a public affirmation of love and exclusivity to one another. The ceremony is complete with a ring exchange and other symbols of devotion. This is the perfect day for couples to finally express their feelings.

02/20/20 is a magical combination and a worthy time to plant a mile marker on your amazing journey of love by renewing vows. Pick this date to re-celebrate your abiding love for each other. Pause, take a fond look backward and then embrace the wonderful road ahead. A vow renewal ceremony is not so much a second wedding as a celebration of love and extending commitment.


Vow Renewal Ceremony

This is your opportunity to renew the vows you have made to each other when you first got married. It is a way to commemorate a love that has deepened or matured between a couple. A vow renewal ceremony is not meant to be a second wedding but a celebration of love and extending the commitment.



These are group ceremonies allowing for as many people to participate as possible.

This is a VERY HIGH DEMAND DATE so space is limited and we highly encourage you commit to your spot today by filling out the form below.

Each participant is required to make a minimum donation at the event of $40, so $80 per couple. Guests are FREE but limited to 5 guests per couple.


We will have a reception area set up where you and your guests can celebrate post event.


We have a photo booth available to commemorate the event and of course phone photography is welcome. There are other opportunities to have your photo taken under the Tree of Love

The Charity

We are doing this event to support Best Buddies of Nevada. Best Buddies Nevada offers One-to-One Friendship, Integrated Employment, and Leadership Development programs – positively impacting nearly 9,300 individuals with and without disabilities in Nevada.
Each participating couple needs to donate a minimum of $80 at the time of the event. This is far below the cost of a traditional ceremony. This saves you money, gives you an extremely memorable wedding date (02/02/2020) and supports this wonderful charity.

Space is Limited

With 4 chapels and one of the largest wedding spaces available on the Strip, space is still limited. Signing up does not guarantee a spot. We will do our best to accommodate everyone who signs up. But once the room is full we may have to turn away participants.


We just need a little information to book your spot: