Save Your 2020 Date


You’ve been dreaming about this day for a while and the stars are aligned in 2020 for that perfect wedding celebration. Did you know that Year 2020 offers you more significant dates for tying the knot than any other recent years? Why not mark your union with a numerological significant date? Or at least an easy to remember anniversary? Imagine making your vows on a lucky day like 8-8-20. The number 8 has been considered lucky in Chinese mythology as a symbol of prosperity and good outcomes. Plus the number 8 is shaped similarly to the infinity sign, symbolizing your timeless bond. In many cultures, a double 8 day is highly sought after and this one happens to fall on a Saturday in 2020!

How about this significant sequence: 4-20-20, which is cool for several reasons but also it happens to be National Dress Day. Make your wedding dress photos go viral by tagging them with #NationalDressDay! Notably 2-2-20 and 2-20-20 are unmatched when it comes to significant sequences, not to mention that your two year anniversary will take place on 2-2-22 or 2-22-22!! Two being the ultimate symbolic number representing you and your spouse to be. Two becoming one. Check out a few other special dates in 2020 below and book them now before they’re all gone!